Cortisone Injections in Swansea

Ultrasound Guided Injection

Are Steroid injections right for me?

Steroid injections, also known as Cortisone injections, can be used for a variety of conditions and are particularly useful if you have a stiff and swollen joint or tendon. They can be used to treat frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, bursitis or osteoarthritis of the thumb. Carpal tunnel or swelling around nerves can also benefit from a cortisone injection.

Steroid injections are also effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis in the knee, hip and can be used to treat plantarfasciitis or a swollen tendon sheath like De Quervains tenosynovitis.

Steroid injections are very safe and we screen everyone who comes to the clinic to make sure it is the most appropriate treatment for you.

How do steroid injections work?

Steroids are a powerful anti-inflammatory and work by causing a rapid reduction in small blood vessel dilation. This means that there is less inflammatory chemicals irritating nerve endings, resulting in less pain.

We use an ultrasound scanner to administer all of our injections. We do this so that we first obtain a diagnosis and then guide the injectate into the right structure in the body. The steroid needs to be injected so that it surrounds the structure.

Knee Injection

Do they hurt?

Local anaesthetic can also be used with the steroid injection and this is to help dilute the steroid and also provide additional pain relief. Sometimes, we might use the local anaesthetic to diagnose the painful region before adding the steroid. Our experience of treating hundreds of patients is that ultrasound guided injections are much more comfortable than a land-mark guided injection.

Do I need to keep having injections?

Some patients benefit from repeat injections. However, the evidence is clear that a maximum of three injections a year is all that should be administered. If you are not benefitting from an injection then we would need to look at alternative options. Our rule is that we will only administer an injection if it will be of benefit. An alternative to a steroid injection is a Hyaluronic acid injection and this will be discussed at your consultation.

How do I book?

If you have any further questions about our Swansea Steroid injection service, just get in contact on 01792369535 or email or book online for a scan using the booking portal.


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