Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Having a stiff shoulder can be really painful and it can seem like it is never going to get better. At Core Body Clinic we are experts in assessing and treating shoulder pain. We regularly use a number of different techniques and also perform ultrasound guided injections for frozen shoulder in Swansea and Reading. What […]

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

What to Consider When Having a Joint injection or Soft Tissue Injection using Hyaluronic Acid? Having a joint or soft tissue injection can significantly alleviate pain, improving your quality of life by enabling better sleep and mobility. If you’re struggling to walk, an injection might be the key to getting back on your feet and […]

Cortisone Injections in Swansea

Are Steroid injections right for me? Steroid injections, also known as Cortisone injections, can be used for a variety of conditions and are particularly useful if you have a stiff and swollen joint or tendon. They can be used to treat frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, bursitis or osteoarthritis of the thumb. Carpal tunnel or […]

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