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Having trouble sleeping or moving due to shoulder, knee joint, or tendon pain? An injection could help you on the road to recovery and break the cycle of pain so you can get on with rehabilitation or just move pain free.  We offer both Steroid and Hyaluronic injections and provide a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis service to understand the best injection for your condition.  The majority of our injections are performed under ultrasound guidance so we can enhance the delivery and accuracy of the injection.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections work by reversing blood vessel dilation and cell permeability, thereby calming inflammation to reduce swelling.  Steroid injections can help conditions such as:

Knee Injection

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

When joints and tendons become degenerative, their concentration of hyaluronic molecules reduces.  Hyaluronic molecules provide our joints and tendons with tolerance to compression and load.  Without hyaluron, we are vulnerable to injury, pain and further tissue damage.  Hyaluronic acid injections work by increasing the concentration and molecular weight of hyaluron within the joint or around the tendon.  This helps to reduce inflammation, increase viscosity, enhance gliding and decrease pain.  Hyaluronic acid may be of consideration as an alternative to steroid or can be used in combination with steroid.

We use a range of industry-leading hyaluronic injections: Durolane, Ostenil, Cignal and Monovisc.   

If you are unsure which injection you need, we will be able to help you with this decision at your assessment.  Injections can be administered on the day of your assessment, or you can book directly for an injection (with an additional fee).

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Hydrodilatation For Frozen Shoulder

When a shoulder becomes stiff or frozen, it can become difficult to move. The joint capsule, the membrane, and the surrounding joint shrink and become tighter, restricting your ability to use the arm. This can not only leave you with pain, but it can also interfere with everyday tasks at home or in the workplace. To treat frozen shoulder, we highly recommend hydrodilatation. This method works by injecting a large volume of saline together with steroid to stretch the joint and restore movement.

Man Expeiencing Shoulder Pain

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Shoulder Injections

Elbow Injections

Hip And Groin Injections

Knee Injections

Ankle And Foot injections

Wrist And Hand Injections

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