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Our physiotherapists at Men’s Health UK are experts in the treatment of pelvic pain conditions. Thanks to our wealth of experience and qualifications we are well-versed in the unique challenges faced by men with pelvic pain who go untreated owing to incorrect diagnoses. Chronic Prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia and hard flaccid syndrome are some of the conditions we treat. We provide ultrasound scanning along with comprehensive evaluations and diagnostics to accurately diagnose your condition. Our treatments and recovery plans are designed to treat the root cause of male pelvic pain ensuring you make a full recovery. To schedule an appointment or chat with a team member, just contact us today.

Men's Health Conditions We Treat

We offer a thorough and professional process when assessing your condition to ensure that you achieve an accurate diagnosis. We start by taking a history, followed by a physical assessment and combine this with ultrasound guided diagnostic analysis to give you a complete understanding of your condition. Some of the most common conditions we diagnose and then treat include:

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No Second-guessing

Did you know that one in seven men suffer with pelvic pain?  The average time to diagnosis is more than 5 years.  However, it is often a black hole diagnosis with patients bounced from specialist to specialist with many having suffered for months, sometimes even years before seeking help. At our pelvic pain clinic, we put a stop to this.  We offer a meticulous pelvic health assessment service followed by diagnostics, treatment and then an aftercare plan.  We will get to the root cause of the problem and find a solution and help you understand your pelvic pain so you can get on the road to full recovery.

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What We Offer

We have treated men of all ages, elite athletes, footballers, cyclists, persons of public notoriety. Your care is our passion.  

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We have treated over 700 patients with pelvic pain and pelvic girdle dysfunction. We have decades of experience in the treatment of these patients and understand the pain and frustration in finding a solution.

Male Pelvic Pain

Male pelvic physiotherapy is a specialised field of medicine concerned with dysfunction and discomfort associated with the pelvic girdle. It is an exceptionally distressing syndrome characterised by a wide variety of symptoms that may vary from patient to patient. You may have already undergone evaluations by numerous clinicians; our objective is to disrupt this pattern and offer you a comprehensive recovery strategy. Call today to speak to one of our trained physiotherapists, and we can help to find a treatment that meets your individual requirements.

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