Men’s Health Physiotherapy Assessment

What Happens At A Men's Health Assessment?

The pelvic health assessment consists of a thorough taking of your medical history, where we will ask you about your journey so far.  Health consultations lack the depth in questioning, often leaving out many important components.  Our consultants leave no stone unturned as we pursue the route of your pain.  We will want to know when your pelvic pain started and what has happened since.  It might be important to list the chronological order of your pelvic pain and bring this with you to the consultation.

We will also want to know about your past medical history and if you are currently taking any medication.  

We may also use a questionnaire which helps to identify an objective marker so that we can accurately identify progress.

Examining a person with pelvic pain will depend on the nature of the problem and whether we know a diagnosis or not, and could include an assessment of posture, the lumbar spine, pelvis, hips and pelvic muscles.  We may also palpate on the inside of the pelvis, with consent.  This is called an internal examination and allows the physiotherapist to determine the presence of pelvic trigger points that may be causing pain. 

Pelvic dynamic ultrasound will also be used to assess pelvic floor function.  This provides a huge amount of information and can often be used to guide pelvic floor rehabilitation.

At the end of the assessment, we will formulate a plan of rehabilitation and recovery plan tailored to the condition you are suffering.

Specialist Consultant

Adrian Wagstaff is our consultant male pelvic specialist.  He has been trained by world leading clinicians and has spent over a decade as one of the few clinicians in the UK to treat pelvic pain. As a physiotherapist and sonographer, Adrian is one of the first clinicians to use pelvic ultrasound and has been part of a pioneering group of clinicians to change how we assess and treat pelvic pain.

Men’s Health UK is a leading clinic in the treatment of pelvic pain, with many clinicians referring patients from all over the UK and Europe. 

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